While perusing our favorite fashion hang-outs (online of course) we stumbled across a feature article on Harper’s Bazaar that featured a strikingly similar style of Arrow Jewelry we sell at Artly. TOMS just launched their new online Marketplace with various products, Arrow Bracelets being of their feature jewelry products. Turns out,  here at Artly we are selling Arrow style jewelry pieces too! ..Woot, looks like we’re doing something right. Check out TOMS Arrow Bracelet featured in the Harper’s Bazaar Article below and/or Read here for yourself, TOMS Arrow Bracelet on Harper’s Bazaar


TOMS, the very well known philanthropic company that sells paper towel shoes, has launched TOMS Online Store Marketplace, featuring rustic, interesting jewelry among other things and here at Artly we are totally in love with all of it. In fact, we’re excited about the step up from the napkin sandles and happy to see TOMS is considering fashion while doing all their hero work 🙂

Ok, yes, we’re aware that promoting another jewelry store isn’t very business-y of us. Turns out, Artly just can’t help it – we’re lovers not haters! We especially love that everything you buy from TOMS comes with a complimentary (that means free) warm fuzzy happy feeling inside because  TOMS is eternally dedicated to giving back. For example, the arrow bracelet we keep doting on, provides 6 months of safe transportation for a child in need in Mexico.

Our Arrow Bracelet is $16.99, TOMS is $45 – can you tell the difference?

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We know that arrows and angles are in fashion right now, and we totally love this look. Could be because of the Hunger Games influence or maybe the fashion world just loves this rustic, raw, authentic & real look that hard angles and arrows communicate in jewelry – either way it’s right up our proverbial alley and we can dig it.

Here at Artly, we realized that our Arrow & Fair Trade jewelry does a lot of good for you (fashionable, affordable, just totally awesome), but it doesn’t really help anyone else (ie: transport children in Mexico.)

So, we’re launching our Be a Hero for Jewelry Campaign. We will make a $5 donation to The ASPCA, our non-profit of choice, helping to prevent cruelty to animals. 

What does this mean? We donate a cool $5 for each Arrow Jewelry, Fair Trade & Handmade jewelry piece purchased, regardless of the price of the piece. If you purchase 5 handmade, Fair Trade rings from our store, we’ll donate $25 to ASPCA. Just our way of “paying it forward” where we can. Thanks TOMS, for leading by example 🙂

Check out our Arrow Jewelry here at Artly, affordable and fashionable and now we’re living up to our name and giving back where we can. Let’s all feel good about this, ok?

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