Star (1940-1960), Vintage Brand distributed and manufactured by L Heller and Son, Inc in 1940s.

“May have been distributed and manufactured by L. Heller & Son, Inc. This company used the trademark Star in the 1940s and 1950s. Another trademark used during that time frame was La Tausca which is usually found on a tag on simulated pearl jewelry. Jewelry often displayed floral and Deco motifs. Marked STAR on the back of pieces. Can be found on the market.

Staret (1925-1960)

Staret was the trademark of the Star Novelty Jewelry Co. located in Chicago, IL from 1925 to 1947. Manufacturers of rhinestone ornaments and novelty jewelry with very “Eisenberg-looking” pieces. Not too common the market, collectible and priced accordingly.

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