ArtlyVintage.com Vintage Fall 2013 New Products Added including Hand-Made, Fair Trade, Vintage Posters, Tin Bar Signs & More

We are launching new products on Artly Vintage, in both Jewelry & Art sections of the site. We’re staying tuned into the trends in vintage Fall 2013 and while, we stay focused to one-of-a-kind unique and hand-picked finds we also want to offer affordable vintage-inspired items in a variety of ways and from a variety of sources. After all, at Artly our purpose is to inspire and provide unique souls everywhere with new opportunities to wear interesting pieces & express personal style.

In the Jewelry section, we’ve added new Hand-Made Fair Trade jewelry pieces that are all 100% certified Fair Trade pieces. This means that each piece is hand-made in internationally by individuals who are paid a fair wage, helping other countries prosper and setting the stage for fair work environments. This type of commerce helps the world, society and is simply an ethical way to conduct business. We’re excited and proud to offer these products – we’ve hand-picked affordable pieces we think you’ll love too.

Arrow Necklace Worn by Anna Kendrick

Arrow Necklace Worn by Anna Kendrick

In addition, our jewelry section has increased in products to include celebrity style fashion, that are inspired by vintage looks. We are sourcing these new pieces to be in line with new fashion trends including the popular ‘arrow’ look featured in Stella & Dot jewelry lines and worn by celebrities including Anna Kendrick & Rumor Wilson. The only difference is our commitment to bringing you AFFORDABLE fashion – you’ll find our prices much cheaper than their “Stella & Dot” counterparts.

Your Vintage Fall 2013 guide to art is here, ArtlyVintage.com has taken first steps to provide you with new ways to decorate your walls & inspire your home. In the Art section, we did a little research and sourced the coolest Vanity Fair Magazine Cover Art & the most adorable Vintage WPA Posters the “Visit The Zoo” collection to bring you our unique renditions, hand-illustrated by Artly Artists to ensure the highest quality re-prints. These pieces are available on Gallery-Wrapped canvas, ready to hang. We’ve also sourced a collection of super fun Vintage Tin Bar Signs, perfect for your home’s ‘fun room’ or for a College Student’s gift. The themes of these pieces are all inspired or reproduced from early 20th century art including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, CoCa Cola, BudWeiser and more.

We hope you enjoy our new Vintage Fall 2013 additions and as always, please provide feedback on anything you think we could do to improve or products you’d like us to add.

New Handmade Fair Trade Jewelry

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Celebrity Vintage Inspired Jewelry

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Vintage Vanity Fair Cover Art Prints

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Vintage WPA Posters ‘Visit The Zoo’

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