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“a special TBT for all you about to go to prom… this is the dress me & my mom made when I was 17, inspired by Grace Kelly’s dress in the movie Rear Window”


Gwen Stefani Vintage Dress  - Prom Dress

I think the term, “Celebrity Fashion Icon” gets thrown around so often that it’s basically meaningless now and almost every celebrity has a fashion line, or ‘sense of fashion’ or a ‘vintage macen. But I venture to claim that if anyone has gained the title-it is No Doubt (hehe, like the pun there?) Gwen Stefani. If there have been any famous person whose fashion I can amazingly find wearable pieces that totally work and at least are relatively near to my physique (and most can agree her body is in shape as opposed to impossibly skinny).

Lots of modern design symbols come in the shape of clothing costs, and beauticians, make-up artists with lots of aid by their success, but Gwen Stefani has consistently been the most fashionable lady out there sporting vintage before it was cool, even in High School. Of course, since we’re pretty hot for Vintage around this site we found some reference to Gwen wearing a Vintage Dress to her prom and had to share!

That youthful Lady that was so trendy at the ripe young green age of 17? Her name is Gwen Stafani. Her mom helped Gwen created that prom dress collectively, and she claims the inspiration for her Vintage dress was motivated by Grace Kelly’s gown from rear-window.

Stefani also had a barbie-doll of Grace Kelly and you can see from the picture their totally almost identical resemblance to Grace Kelly’s original dress.

I really like that small 80s style white gloves were worn by Stefani with her gown. Mitts are an accent that is excellent, particularly for school-girl-vintage styles. Something I’ve been hoping for, for quite some time is fore ‘day’ and/or ‘night’ gloves to make a serious come back! Think about it, they can be totally styled to any outfit – lace, leather, cotton, long, short super short. Also, what about when you haven’t had time for a manicure? Accessorize with stylish gloves – LOVE!

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