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Polcini Jewelry, a MidCentury Retro Vintage Jewelry Designer

Polcini Jewelry is a highly sought after Vintage Jewelry Hallmark dating back to 1911. The brand is popular with collectors and enthusiasts. Italian born Ralph Polcini originally started the Policini company as manufacturing business in 1911 and it was based out of New York City. In the 1940s-50s the Polcini Jewelry brand used the hallmark “LEDO” on each piece and it wasn’t until the 1960s that the hallmark “Polcini” was used as their mark. In the 1960s, Ralph’s son Damon took over Polcini.

The Polcini Brand was known for it’s Art Deco style and high quality Rhinestones, gold plate and genuine jewelry pieces for the period. Their jewelry was crafted well, and renowned for quality craftsmanship on each piece – this was a higher-quality brand of costume jewelry and consumers loved their line that mixed beautiful costume piece look with fine jewelry quality craft.

Do you think you’re looking at an authentic Polcini Piece? Well, their most popular hallmark is ‘By Ledo’ in cursive script, Ledo RIST-LETTE followed by polcini and copyright. You can see samples below.

The brand stopped producing jewelry in the 70s or early 80s, their pieces are of very high quality and above average material. It was a very popular brand during the MidCentury and is now considered a collectible designer brand because of it’s high quality and respective price point on the Vintage Jewelry Market. It’s hard to find these pieces but we have them!

Polcini Jewelry Hallmarks and Examples

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Vintage Polcini Earring Set – MidCentury Polcini Brand Earrings from New York City

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