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Me | ArtlyVintage NYC

Me | ArtlyVintage NYC

Our Humble Beginnings

What began as a question, ended with a very Artly solution. The question you persist? “Why should I would pay high prices for a bag (or shirt or necklace) just to have that embarrassing “we wore the same bag (or shirt or necklace)” moment every single day?” Clothes and jewelry should be fun, unique, a way to break up the mundane of the week with not just a “statement necklace” but a water cooler conversation piece. What’s better than that? Well, there are a couple of things – Buying products that are sourced from fair trade companies or hand-made by artisans in the US. Or, buying from a company that gives 10% back to a charity of your choice, because giving feels gooood!

Are you Looking for an interesting bracelet that engages strangers on the subway, or a decorative table top ornament, intriguing even the most blaise of house guests?¬†Enter Artly. We specialize in provenance, by way history, era , artist or story. Especially a story. Vintage, Antique Jewelry & special finds leave you with that story and let you carry history and relevance with you as a necklace, ring or bracelet. ArtlyVintage strives to leave you with something exciting and unique, possibly even unearth and inspire new styles and ideas. Our pieces are all carefully chosen and include authentic vintage finds, inspired vintage style pieces, handmade, fair trade, and we also feature local New York City designers. Whether Jewelry piece, wall art, fashion, decor or terrarium – we hope you find what you’re looking for and more. Don’t forget to visit our Vintage and Antique Provenance Dictionary, where you can find relevant information on vintage designers, brands, antiques, eras, diamonds and more.

We’ll try to include the full back story on our products in the blog or boutiques section, that way you know what you’re buying and learning new and interesting things at the same time.

We are a new start up, based out of New York City where the unique knows no bounds. Our store is growing and hopefully changing all the time, please let us know if there’s a product you would like to see featured or you think your art/designs are a good fit for a featured boutique on our site!

Ready to be inspired? You don’t have to come to New York City! Go to our Artly Vintage Shop Online

Memberships and Associations

Member of New Nork City Fashion Incubator, Manufacture New York City – this group is doing great things for the fashion & design industry, promoting artisan work and exposing the true cost of outsourcing to some foreign manufacturers